Our History

"La bougie est le premier signe de diffusion de la lumière." - Fritz Noël (aka my Daddy 


    How it started...


Meet Your Designer, Sheila Noël


Born and raised in Haiti, Sheila Noël found herself gravitating towards arts and craftsmanship at a very young age. Matching that with practical agronomy and construction as well as candle making skills that she learned from her Father throughout her teenage years, she grew up with an appreciation of applied design.

After attaining her Architecture Degree at the New York Institute of Technology, she worked on many different projects including building a public playground to benefit children in impoverished neighborhoods, ravine erosion remediation, and participating in construction of well known building complexes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
She focuses on structural integrity which maximizes the use of space, details and functionality without compromising on the aesthetics.

Sheila is the owner of Architecty Studio LLC where she merges her love of interior design with architecture. Her items (jewelry, furniture, decor pieces) are all handcrafted and made with concrete as the main medium.

She has also designed some interiors of commercial and residential spaces which you can catch a glance from time to time.

At the Studio

"Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid"

It took 3 years for this Brooklyn studio to become a reality and it is still in progress. This space is filled with love, passion, and joy. So only enter with your childlike imagination