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Architecty Studio LLC

Moyenne Candle Refill Delivery

Moyenne Candle Refill Delivery

Refuel your Relaxation

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Subscribe and Save with our Candle Refill & Replenish Service

Are you tired of throwing away your favorite candles once they burn out? Our candle refill service can give your candles new life and save you money in the process.

We offer a variety of clean scents to choose from that are safe for your environment, so you can customize your candle to your liking. Whether you prefer a calming lavender scent or a refreshing citrus aroma, we have something for everyone.

Our process is simple and eco-friendly. We set up a pickup date for your candle, clean your old vase and pour the wax fragrance of your choice into your clean container with a fresh wick. This way, you can enjoy your favorite scent without having to buy a whole new candle.

Don't let your favorite candles go to waste. Try our candle refill service today and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

This service is only applicable in the New York City area at the moment


  • No more containers piling up! Keep it to just one candle vase
  • Refill endlessly with an aroma of your choice
  • FREE DELIVERY to your door every week
  • No more waiting to finish work in order to go get a new candle
  • No more forgetting to renew your candle stock because we got your back
  • No more pain of contributing to the landfill
  • Sleek Aesthetic that makes you the talk of town (or the talk of your apartment blg) 
  • Get a refill every week for a total of 4 candle refills per month
  • SMS and Email communication for delivery
  • You will be able to customize your refills by being able to choose a different scent and delivery day 
  • Personalized delivery experience.
  • Full control of your subscription. You can cancel and or resubscribe at any time.

How it works

1. Purchase your Architecty Studio Moyenne Candle.

2. Select your Architecty Refill by selecting the Initial fragrance from the list above to start your wondrous Candle Experience

3. Enjoy a weekly escape of blissful notes 

We also may contact you to ensure that you have your choice fragrances for the month.

Refill Size

Moyenne Candle Replenishment  - One Moyenne candle refill delivered to your door every week for 4 weeks

You are an angel for choosing this plan and your space will thank you. This monthly subscription allows you to enjoy up to 15 hours of burning heaven.

It's time to level up your candle experience!

Pickup and Delivery

When will your delivery be picked up and returned?

Your Pick up will be the next available refill date. Right now we are making pick-ups and deliveries on Wednesdays, until further notice of more available dates.

Refill Deliveries will go out one week after pick up date.

Get 4 weeks of deliciousness each week delivered to your door!!!

With the subscription plan, we pickup and deliver for FREE to the NYC Area.

If you have more than one candle you choose to refill?

If you have more than 1 candle to refill and would like to setup a special monthly refill for all of them please select the quantity and add to cart

We will set you up for your wondrous world of marvelous fragrances!

For more answers or feel free to contact us with any other concerns.

email: Subject title: Candle Refill

Text us: 646-427-8289

* Please note that in order to better serve you, our refill process is ever changing and growing, your feedback is highly important to us *

Care Tips

In order to elevate your everyday candle experience try these fun tips:

  • trim the candle wick prior to each burn
  • leave your candle burning for more than 2 hours to create a melted pool of wax; this keeps the wax from tunneling
  • refill your candle with our candle replenishment service to reuse the concrete vase and renew your relaxation each week.
  • place your candle away from anything that could obstruct it
  • take a deep breath and relax
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Refuel you Relaxation