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  • Our Mission

    Our core mission is rooted in empowering Haitian communities by creating opportunities for work and showcasing their talents. We aim to open doors to the rich offerings of Haiti—backed by traditions and enhanced over time. Our drive to merge design, art, culture, and environmental consciousness in underdeveloped countries fuels our pursuit of profitable business strategies.

  • Our Message

    At Architecty Studio, each thing made is special because it's made with care, love, and some design skills. We use simple lines and raw materials to make things that look modern and nice in your home. Our roots are from Haiti, and we want to share our culture with you through our work. We're dedicated to not only creating beautiful designs but also contributing positively to the communities we engage with.

  • Giving Back

    We never forget where we came from and where our home is. Architecty Studio will be donating a portion of select products sold back to the communities in Haïti. Improving the access to basic needs and living for communities. As well as, focusing on environmental education development for the youth with our home organization called Fondation Noël.

  • For Our Earth

    We make stuff with care! Our candles are made from soy wax and don't have any harsh chemicals or plastic in them. This is good news for you and the Earth! You can even refill the candle when it's all used up. Sign up for our refill program. This is currently available in New York

  • Our Products

    We make special candles that smell really nice and are good for the earth. The recipes used have been passed down for a long time. Our soybeans wax are grown in America; our herbs and flowers are grown and dried in house, which makes our candles last longer

  • What We Do

    We encompass two departments: a design service division and a retail shop segment. While our primary focus lies in crafting functional spaces and pieces that bring joy to your home, our business is more than what meets the eye.