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Architecty Candle

Why Architecty Studio?

Currated for your unique home design

  • Building Community

  • Locally Grown

  • Refills on Repeat

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  • Our Message

    Where care, love and a bit of architecture is reflected in each individual product handmade. The combination of sleek lines with the integration of raw elements, gives a simplistic modern touch when added to your home or living space. I created Architecty Studio to provide to you elegant decor influenced by my traditions from my home in Haiti.

  • Promise to Our Earth

    Our Products are thoughtfully made. Not only do we use soy wax in our candles, but we stay true to the basics. You will be happy to have one of our products in your living space knowing that it is 100% plastic free.

    Our Candles are also thoughtfully made to be refilled. We have a refill station in our shop location, and we also offer candle refill subscriptions to be delivered in specific areas in New York.

  • Giving Back to Our Home

    We never forget where we came from and where our home is. Architecty Studio will be donating a portion of select products sold back to the communities in Haïti. Improving the access to basic needs and living for communities. As well as, focusing on environmental education development for the youth.

  • Our Products

    Architecty Studio holds a promise to create premium, eco-friendly candles that fill a room and are affordable. All of our candles are made from American grown soy wax. Our recipies date back a couple generations. Our herbs and flowers are homegrown and dried in-house. Making the candles earth friendly and longer lasting for your pleasure.