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Architecty Studio LLC

Ground Yourself Manifestation Bundle

Ground Yourself Manifestation Bundle

Refuel your Relaxation

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Welcome to 'Ground Yourself,' your ultimate end-of-year gift manifestation bundle! Embrace tranquility with our handcrafted Ambre Noir candle, exuding the enchanting essence of dark amber intertwined with bergamot and incense, blended harmoniously with lavender, sandalwood, and patchouli. Accompanied by a heart-shaped resin coaster and a stylish cement holder, this bundle creates a serene ambiance for your spaces.

But that's not all – ignite your intentions and set your manifestations on the right path with the included matches and a bonus pocket-sized notebook. Scribble your dreams and aspirations, infusing them with purpose and direction. 'Ground Yourself' is more than a gift; it's a journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

All Handmade, All Local
- Candle and incense holder from Architecty Studio 
- Incense from House of Julienne 
- Coaster Klarenka Shop 

Our "Eco-Packaging Promise"

We have long thought about ways to reduce our footprint in the environment and here is what we are doing now and for the rest of 2023


recycled and handmade eco packaging candle boxes with seeds

all of our cardboards are now being shredded and recycled in various ways in the studio

this is our promise to you as a brand that wants to promote environmental education to others.

In addition to that, we are a part of an organization that is making a movement in Haiti through this topic environmental education… it is called Eco-Haiti.

Eco-Haiti is an organization devoted to instruct, elevate and educate the population into being conscious about the choices they make for the earth… we have open seminars throughout the year.

a percentage of the profit from Architecty Studio now goes towards Eco-Haiti in support of this wonderful initiative

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