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Architecty Studio LLC

Private Candle Making Class 07/29

Private Candle Making Class 07/29

Refuel your Relaxation

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Book a seat in our group Candle Making Class at Architecty Studio. RSVP in advance to get notified of when the class of the week/month will be in effect l. 

This class will be filled with wax, intentional puns, and some fun communication. *the price is per person

Included in the class:

  • One concrete shell

  • Candle wicks

  • Soy wax

  • Fragrance oils

  • Dried Florals  



1:30 PM - 3:00 PM EST *Please show up a few min early to say hello, and choose your areas you desire.

This will be a 1 hour and a half class.


Come Prepared:

This is a candle making class and we ask that you dress for the occasion that materials may get on your clothing. We do our best to use all natural ingredients, however, we do want to make sure you don’t wear anything that may snag, or get in the way of your functionality. We also recommend closed toe shoes in case of spills.

We will be handling hot wax, so guests will need to be 10 years old and older. Anyone under 15 will need to be accompanied by an adult. Thus we hope to bring more kid friendly events in the future, we are marketing more to a 18 and up group.


Please feel free to contact us or stop by the shop before hand for any concerns before the event.

Refunds: There are no refunds. If you happen to miss an event without notice or communication, you will forfeit your class and need to purchase another seat at another class. If you do communicate with us ahead of time, in case of emergency, we will give you credit(s) for another class. We ask that you try to communicate with us 24 hours before the event if you cannot make it.

Price: Is per person *So if you want to buy two spots or more you will need to purchase each ticket separately.

Special Deal for a limited time only is $22 per person. The regular price is $95 per person and it is a 4 people group minimum and 6 people group max for the space. Please feel free to email us at prior to booking with us.

Can I purchase classes as a gift? Yes, you can. Please fill out the contact info for your guest, if you know for sure that they will show up or if you are bringing them to the class. 


Care Tips

In order to elevate your candle experience try these fun tips

- trim the candle wick prior to each burn

- leave your candle burning for more than 2 hours to create a melted pool of wax; this keeps the wax from tunneling

- refill your candle with our candle replenishment service to reuse the concrete vase and renew your relaxation each week.

- place your candle away from anything that could obstruct it

- take a deep breath and relax

Our "Eco-Packaging Promise"

We have long thought about ways to reduce our footprint in the environment and here is what we are doing now and for the rest of 2023


recycled and handmade eco packaging candle boxes with seeds

all of our cardboards are now being shredded and recycled in various ways in the studio

this is our promise to you as a brand that wants to promote environmental education to others.

In addition to that, we are a part of an organization that is making a movement in Haiti through this topic environmental education… it is called Eco-Haiti.

Eco-Haiti is an organization devoted to instruct, elevate and educate the population into being conscious about the choices they make for the earth… we have open seminars throughout the year.

a percentage of the profit from Architecty Studio now goes towards Eco-Haiti in support of this wonderful initiative

Benefits of refills

  • Step into a world of endless aromatic experiences that last for weeks, without the need to go out and buy a new candle. Let us make things easy for you, so you can relax and enjoy!
  • Connect with your intuition and develop your sense of smell, with our specially curated fragrances that awaken your senses and transport you to magical places.
  • Say goodbye to wasted time spent browsing countless fragrances. Our team of experts helps you choose the perfect scent for you, every month, with our 4 carefully selected refills.
  • Take a deep breath and feel good about what you're inhaling. Our candles are made with healthy, organic ingredients, and our 100% soy-based wax is free from harsh chemicals.
  • Surround yourself with the beauty of nature, with our homegrown florals and herbs, freshly picked from our own garden, and blended with our family's treasured recipes.
  • In this space, you are the architect of your own journey, surrounded by the soothing scents and exquisite fragrances that inspire you to create and dream.

Subscribe to the Candle Refill Program to get these benefits: 

  • You get a candle refill of your choice each week
  • 4 refills for the whole month (we help you pick each one) | we can contact you that week to see what your mood feels like.
  • We deliver to your door for FREE so that you only have to enjoy your custom and handmade candle
  • FREE Sample to test out before you buy | samples are delivered to you with your refill each week to test out
  • FREE Pickup and Delivery (milk bottle analogy)
  • FREE Repairs for your cement candle vase if it is cracked - if you are part of the subscription
  • BONUS - For a limited time only - Your custom fragrance towards the end of the year as a rewards for being a loyal customer… you let us know what fragrances you like and we find a combination of aromas that suits you by the end of the year. You get to have your own fragrance with us and use us as a manufacturer for to make candles for your wedding, thank you to clients, events: birthdays, baby-shower and party favors

This option is only available for those who reside in NYC. We will soon have a refill option for our lovely folks in other areas. Stay tuned ;) 

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